Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Please mark your calendars for Sunday, April 10. Mr. Gilbert is holding a town hall meeting in the elementary cafeteria from 3:00-4:00 to discuss and explain the financial situation of our school. He will be addressing the budget issues Texas schools are facing and will explain where our school stands.

Nature Center

Friday, February 18 we made bird feeders and took them to the nature center to hang. We have noticed more and more birds coming back for the beginning of spring. To get them ready for the spring months we decided to feed them. We used empty milk cartons and cut out a heart (in celebration of Valentine’s Day). Then we spread peanut butter on the heart and sprinkled bird feed on the peanut butter. After all the bird feeders were complete we headed to the nature center to hang them on branches for the birds. We will head back out there before spring break to check the feeders and clean up any empty feeders. Thank you parents for the empty cartons!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

CHAMPS assembly at 8:00 tomorrow…..Don’t Be Late!!!

Our day started off with morning meeting then we came to the room and unpacked. After checking folders and planners we did morning message. Our morning message was about self-control, something we are working on every day. Next, we worked on our writers’ workshop stories. Two students shared their published books today. Adrian read his book about his birthday party and Korban read us his book about tiger sharks. Then we read more about George Washington. Something interesting we learned about him was that he lost all of his teeth and to wear false teeth made out of hippopotamus tusk. Next, we worked on our President booklet and picked out true facts about George Washington. Before recess we went to the stage to practice our CHAMPS assembly. We definitely have strong voices because we were too loud during practice. After recess we ate a lunch of chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, and a hot roll. When we came back to the classroom we did number corner then did a Valentine riddle using a hundreds chart. Then we started creating our own riddles by making a picture on the hundreds chart. Tomorrow we will use our words to make the riddle for others to solve it.

Andrew, Karson, and Sam

Andrew, Karson, and Sam

Olivia, Kaylee, Landon, and Sam

Olivia, Kaylee, Landon, and Sam

We started our CHAMPS assemblies last Friday. CHAMPS assemblies are designed to teach the school about character traits. It is also a time for students to be recognized for showing outstanding character. Students receive awards for work they have done in the classroom. Above are photos of our first two CHAMPS assembly winners. We are proud of all our students and look forward to more awards!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Note and homework in my folder.

We started our day off with morning message where we wrote about lunch and what we could eat with it. After we wrote the message we went back and revised it by adding adjectives. Adjectives make our stories longer and make them more interesting. We worked on spelling next followed by a story about winter. We had to read about winter then answer some questions about it. Sam’s sister, Anna, came to read us a story. The story was called Priscilla and the Great Santa Search. After lunch we did number corner and worked on telling time to the half hour. Then we played time bingo. In time bingo we had to look for time to the hour and half hour. After bingo we went to math centers where we worked on subtraction, telling time, and addition. PE was next. We played free centers after our warm up. The warm up was called Pancake. It is when we run around the gym and when Coach Underwood stops the music we drop to the floor like a pancake.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Book orders due Friday. Note in my folder.

We started our day at 10:00 today because we had so much snow on the ground we delayed the opening of school. But when we got here we went to morning meeting then came to the classroom and did morning message. Morning message was about what we did in the snow. Laura threw a snowball at her dad, Kassisdy and her sister made a mini snowman, and Jacob’s dad pushed him down a hill in a laundry basket. Everybody had a good time in the snow. Next, we got out our dry erase boards and worked on our new no excuse words then and them. We have a spelling test on Friday! Then we worked on a poem about January. We sang the poem and highlighted nouns and verbs in it. Lunch was next followed by number corner. After number corner we drew a picture of our favorite snow activity and wrote about it. Then we read a book called The Biggest Best Snowman Ever. It was about a little girl named Nell, Big Mama, Big Lizzie, and Big Sarah. They would not Little Nell do ANYTHING! It made her feel bad so she decided to go into the Big Woods and play with her animal friends. Her animal friends helped her build the Biggest Best Snowman ever. She proved to her family that she could do something and she is not to little to do things. Ready bodies was next and we made it to all the stations. Then we came back to the room and read Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr. This week will be reading and talking about him and his dream.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sign and return report cards tomorrow. Spelling test tomorrow. Last day for canned food drive tomorrow.

As usual, we started our day off in morning meeting then quietly came to the room to unpack. Then we came to the floor and did morning message. Our message was about the weather and what it might do today. We identified and circled adjectives, added endings, no excuse words, and compound words in our message. Next, we went to our desk and got out our dry erase boards, markers, and erase and speed wrote the word “said.” To get ready for tomorrow’s spelling test we played a game called Sparkle. After Sparkle we worked on our writers’ workshop stories. Triana finished publishing her book about her friends and shared it with us. We went to the rug after writers’ workshop and read Thanksgiving With the Tappletons. It was a story about a family that everything went wrong for Thanksgiving dinner and they thought their dinner was ruined. However, they problem solve and ate liverwurst sandwiches for their feast. Then we did reading centers. After lunch we did number corner followed by Around the World, an addition game we really enjoy. Then we had character education when we learned about courage and self-control. PE was next then some of us went outside for R2W celebration.